Coppebelt targeted for massive rigging


The Con Court ruling has sent serious shock waves in PF. Edgar Lungu met his operatives assigned to rig elections on Copper belt.
Copper belt has been targeted for massive rigging by PF on 11th August.

The opposition upnd must field credible agents and should make sure their crack squads are up to speed.

Right now two trucks with PF cadres are parked at a clinic near Kwacha market in kitwe’s Kwacha constituency. They are trying to gain access
and drop pre marked boxes. Kwacha has about 70,000 registered votes.

Edgar Lungu still intends to conduct some search and plant seditious materials at
upnd aspiring candidates to arrest and embarrass them. This is meant to divert attention and reduce efficiency on upnd.
The operation is headed by Superintendent Lungu from Kitwe.

Meanwhile Kalulushi DC wanted to collect Ballot papers at 2300 hours
but the watermelons quickly alerted the powers that be.

This is survival war for PF as they are sure Prison awaits them.

Upnd should up their game in securing these votes.


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