Copperbelt police chief accused of stealing oil for police operations, other vices

Dear Editor,

May we bring to your attention the bad administration policy being exhibited by Ms. Mary Tembo, Provincial Police Commissioner and we further promise you that we will keep on updating your office until such serious omissions are corrected by the Police High authority who are taking long to correct the situation.

Although, the Head of state praised the entire Police Service for their good working system, we still have some bad elements among very Senior Officers who want to tarnish the good image of the Zambia Police Service.

Just to mention some of the bad activities she has been doing to derail or depriving the Government efforts. Traffic fines have drastically reduced because she is getting money through corrupt practices. She is demanding k 5 million kwacha from each District per week and yet the Head of state, His Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata has been preaching zero tolerance on corruption.

In the past this Province was leading in terms of admission of guilty (traffic fines) before she came. She does that through the Divisional Traffic Officer (D.T.O) and District Traffic Officer, Mr.George Malama, Senior Superintendent and Mr.Phiri, Assistant Superintendent respectivetly. Hence  each time Police High Command decides to transfer them, she has always defended them.

It is imperative that serious measures be taken so that the Government does not continue to lose out this revenue.

She has also abused her authority by using the Zambia Police Tata Truck registration number ZP 3813 including Officers for personal gain. The truck is currently in Lusaka doing her personal building projects depriving the province with transport and every week, she draws fuel meant for police operations and sent it to Lusaka for her personal gain which is contrary to Government policy. In fact, the same truck has been in Lusaka for more than six (6) months now.

As if that is not enough, she has parked the Zambia Police Service bus registration number ZP 3779 at her residence when there are enough parking spaces at Division Headquarters and Ndola District contrary to government policy. That bus is meant to do police operations such as ferry Officers doing operations, patrols or any other police duties. Furthermore, we have a Police Football team which can be using the same bus but the team uses trucks.

It should be brought to your attention that on Friday 2nd November, 2012,420 litres of fuel were taken to Lusaka for her personnel projects by 3710 Sergeant Nkhoma using Landrover 110 registration number ZP1478B.For God’s sake please intervene before the Government could lose huge sum of money meant for Police operations. That fuel is meant for Police operations and Divisional allocation of fuel is only used by her.

She is a tribalist in that she favours Officers of her tribe as it is evident through her illegal transfers and appointments she has made from the time she was appointment as Provincial Police Commissioner. Recently, 1440 Senior Superintendent Kampamba J.C and 1793 Assistant Commissioner of Police Tembo.P retired from the Police service with effect from 17th October,2012 and 31st October, 2012 respectively.Surprisingly,she quickly took over the office left by Mr. Kampamba while Mr.Tembo is still working. That position is supposed to be occupied by an active Officer unlike what is on the ground. That in itself shows that she is practising tribalism and yet the Head of state has been preaching on one Zambia one nation. Please intervene before the situation gets out of hand.

Furthermore, she has refused to hand over the keys to No.1957 Senior Superintendent Chafunga, Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) Ndola District upon his return from vacation leave. Information on the ground is that she is comfortable with No.2250 Superintendent Kabungo, Deputy Ndola District Criminal Investigations Officer. Please intervene otherwise Officers will be fearing to go on leave because of the same reason. Again that in itself promotes indiscipline. Is this how the Police Service should be run?

Currently, there are no Officers Commanding Luanshya, Ndola and Chingola Districts and yet this division has well disciplined Officers who can take up those positions.

In fact  Ndola and Luanshya Districts have had no Officer Commanding since April, 2012 while Chingola District had no Officer Commanding since September, 2012.Kitwe District will follow suit in January, 2013 since the Officer Commanding will be retiring.

Critically when you analyse the prevailing situation, that in its self is not conducive cause Copperbelt Province is very big and active in crime.Furthermore,there is need to respect command hierarchy by ensuring that vacancies are filled unlike what is happening now. Why copperbelt alone? When vacancies fell in other Divisions, they are filled there and then. Hence it requires those positions to be filled up for smooth running of the entire Division. Besides, it’s not only Copperbelt where you can draw manpower to take up those positions.

But it’s like she doesn’t want to submit to the office of the Inspector General of Police for consideration. Information has it that she feels good when she is surrounded by junior officers. We are appealing to the Police high authority for intervention.

As if that is not enough, on 23rd November, 2012, 1020 litres of diesel was taken to Lusaka for her personnel projects by No.11270 Inspector Sakala using ZP 3941 Leyland Daf truck. That fuel is meant for Police operations.

In fact  she gets fuel allowance and why then frustrating Government effort.

Last but not the least, the issue of fuel should be taken very serious  because we cannot allow a situation where Government effort are being frustrated by individuals whose motivation is to benefit themselves depriving the Government and intended beneficiaries.

Recently, the Head of state warned that those found wanting will be dealt with, hence our plea.

This Division has no Deputy Provincial Police Commissioner, Provincial Police Intelligence Officer and three (3) Officers Commanding District namely Ndola, Luanshya and Chingola and a lot of undeployed Officers even when vacancies are there. What is the problem?

For any verification do the fact findings in the Copperbelt  province.

Concerned Officer

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