Copperbelt runs out of diesel

Copperbelt Province has been hit by a serious shortage of Diesel Zambian Watchdog investigations can reveal. Meanwhile, a source at Indeni has disclosed that the company started rationing Diesel last week. A number of filling stations visited over the weekend including Orlyx near the Kafubu River had no diesel. A source at Indeni said from Last week, the company loads only two trucks of diesel after loading ten of Petrol.

” What we have been doing is that we will load ten trucks of Petrol then two for Diesel. That is a sign that we have been rationing” the source said. The source trucks delivering direct to filling stations had problems because one truck may have tanks for Diesel and Petrol and can not come of the plant with Petrol only.

” The problem we have is for trucks delivering direct to filling stations. They may have four compartments two for Diesel and two for Petrol. So we can fill petrol what of diesel because the truck has to deliver both” the source said.

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