Copperbelt University reduced to basic school

It cannot go without mention that the current events and happenings at the supposedly second highest learning institution in Zambia are pathetic to say the least.

The Copperbelt University has been reduced to the levels of a basic school, let alone a daycare center. How do you neglect the interests of an entire university staff, not to mention the 14,000 students just to necessitate and satisfy the selfish interests of a few individuals in management?

It is exceptionally laborious and boils down to an extreme lack of seriousness on the part of government and also on the university council who must provide checks and balances. Its common knowledge, amongst university insiders that the working conditions at campus have been regressing for some time now. We previously had a Vice-Chancellor in the name of Prof.Mutale Musonda who despite his flaws cared about the well-being of the lecturers and workers en masse.

Who won’t attest to the fact they would get their salaries on-time, in contrast to the current occurrences where employees on campus are constantly issued with nonsensical letters stating that salaries will be late. The institution has seen a gross mis-management of funds due to mis-placed priorities, ultimately also due to incompetent and underqualified personnel that do not deserve to be in top-management.

Speak of the inept and embryonic decision to put up a tent where initially we heard that they was supposed to be a study center for students. Who advised this V.C to make such a decision? Touch on the restaurant-Africanza or so its spelt, how does this purchase benefit the university-if it does, it has failed to arrest the current financial issues facing the administration. Can a so-called ‘’learned’’ person, with their right frame of mind (all senses operational we assume) in this management explain to us (key stakeholders) the rationale behind pursuing a fantastic corporate image whilst ignoring the basic needs of the members of staff? It’s like a family head wearing designer suits and driving a posh car, but having not accounted for basic food consumption at home .You think it’s impossible and a joke, but that is what is transpiring at CBU today. This is tantamount to lunacy and extends to an inability to demonstrate and put into practice the aspect of common-sense.

I now understand every year the adage that COMMON SENSE IS NOT TOO COMMON AFTER ALL. When lecturers present unto you legitimate concerns as to the pathetic conditions of service by outlining the difficulties that they continue to face, does it have to take a rocket scientist to provide a solution to such. There are lecturers on campus who have no proper personal computers in their offices, ream of paper, let alone a box of markers for teaching. Their offices are not fully furnished. They have to organize their own laptops, printing services,fans,fridges,etc and yet some cartel (who are working in a marbled tiled, air conditioned office) has the audacity to set up a water fountain at the gate or bring into campus graders-‘’when the family members have no food at the table’ ’Such lunacy must stop. We know of people paying themselves gratuities and pension benefits, when several persons have not been paid their terminal benefits. On top of that they award themselves contracts, subject to renewal after a few number of years. Certain individuals such as the Registrar have questionable qualifications, a Masumba like case at play. There is a DVC whose assentation to his position was contentious and till questionable today. As earlier alluded to above, the result of all is also a failure by government to properly demonstrate and exercise leadership when such things are happening in the country. The nation is in a total mess. The allocation of the Education ministry to Kaingu was an own goal in every sense of the word. Do you expect a man who has raised up a child as pornographic star in Iris who can send her to the UK,Malyasia,etc has she dances away in the night clubs at obviously taxi-payers expense to care for the 14 000 kids of other people’s parents? NOT AT ALL.As mentioned in the print media, we now have a president who can travel from Lusaka to Kitwe to open up a shopping mall, to officiate at a trade fair but can’t make a trip to sort out the mess at CBU.He may not have to personally come but can send an investigative wing. Is it right for Kambwili; the chief government spokesperson to travel to Kitwe just to give that mafia king jerabo a state funeral, giving a shameful eulogy and not finding the time to pass through CBU on a fact finding mission. ITS PATHETIC LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.THIS BORDERS ON INDISCIPLINE.

Let’s avoid being passive in the name of peace, lest we be taken for granted. It has been the norm for far too long.Not to drift away from the topic at hand; there is a massive support for the entire management to GO. The severing of dog’s head is not enough in this scenario has the tail will continue to waggle. It’s so embarrassing that so-called Drs and Professors entrusted with running this academic institution have greatly undermined its status and reputation-if ever there has been one in the last 5 years.



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