Cops helped witness disappear, Mohan complains to court

The Lusaka High Court has ordered for serious investigation into reports by Inke Tech Managing Director Mathew Mohan that some senior police officers facilitated the disappearance of an intended state witness.
Lusaka High Court Judge Gregory Phiri sounded the warning after Mohan raised the complaint in court chambers.
The complaint has since been submitted to the Director of Public Prosecution-DPP-for further investigation and a report is expected to be submitted to the court on July 21st 2010.
Judge Phiri has since threatened to prosecute any officers or person who is found tempering with the court evidence.
He says once proved guilty the perpetrators will be incarcerated for a long time because this is what he termed interference with court evidence.
Judge Phiri says the information received from Mohan has taken both the state and defense counsel by surprise.
Trial dates in the matter have since been pushed forward to August 3rd and 9th 2010 to allow for a report on the matter.

Earlier before the case was called, Mohan was heard scolding at one of his lawyers Sakwiba Sikota.
He was asking Sikota why he was before the court as he had seized to be his lawyer.
A few minutes later Sikota left the court room and never returned until the matter was concluded.
And after Judge Phiri entered the court room, Mohan addressed the court at which he publicly announced that state Counsel Sakwiba Sikota was no longer his lawyer and that Likando Kalaluka and Bonaventure Mutale where his lawyers.
Before he could conclude his address, Judge Phiri interjected and said he was not ready to hear his complaints in the open court.
Judge Phiri observed that Mohan was stressed and had a lot to tell the court.
He then called state prosecutors, defense lawyers and their clients to his chambers where Mohan later complained of some police officers that facilitated the disappearance of an intended state witness.
This is in a murder case involving Ink- Tech managing director Mathew Mohan, crown Paint Directors Idris and Shabir Patel.
The trio is alleged to have jointly murdered cyclone Hardware Director, Sajid Itowala.

Courtesy of Muvi TV

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