Cops steal mining equipment in Mwinilunga


Some unscrupulous police officers from Solwezi led by CIO Kabamba in connivance with businessman Philimon Sichula, the director of Philton Mining Ltd, a few weeks ago raided and ransacked Kilibwe Gold mine in Mwinilunga district.

Sources closer to the ordeal reveal that Philimon Sichula and Police officer Kabamba obtained a fake court seizure notice from the high Court in Solwezi. Kilibwe Mine has an order of possession which Sichula and the police disrespected by raiding the mine.

This gang of over 20 police officers after arresting villagers and mine workers, started digging for gold. Much to their disappointment the gold deposits were not on the surface as they thought but deep under. In frustration they stole gold soils, exploration equipment belonging to Kilibwe Mine and other contractors. The stolen equipment is worth more than $130,000.

Kabamba, a PF cadre in police uniform, brags that he is untouchable and has protection of the higher ranking officials in Government and police.
The Gold mine investors have been complaining of lack of protection from gold raiders for too long. It’s time the Government seriously considered increasing security around the gold mines in Mwinilunga.IMG_8181

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