Corn-artist Kelvin Sampa gives Radio Mano vehicle

By Eros Ilunga

Zambian politics will always be seen to be dirty as long as dirty politicians continue running for office. Not so long ago the Zambian Watchdog revealed that the President Sata and PF had earmarked Kelvin Sampa to stand on the PF ticket in the anticipated Kasama Central by-election. At the time it sounded like mere speculations.

But Kelvin Sampa has suddenly turned benevolent and is busy making several donations in Kasama! The recent one is a vehicle which has been donated to Radio Mano, the community radio station. It is also interesting that on Friday 28 February, information minister Mwansa Kapeya threatened Radio Mano with closure if it continued airing programmes that created public discontent (in short hosting opposition politicians, GBM and bashilubemba).

The Sampa donation amounts to electoral corruption because it is intended to canvas support. It is also intended to make Radio Mano cover Sampa favourably and air programmes that will put GMB in bad light.

I hope Radio Mano will stick to their ethics and refuse to be used. I also urge civil society like TIZ and the opposition to stay awake and watch Sampa’s maneuvers.

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