Coronation Park scandal; Kabwe chapel pastors mentioned, as TC is summoned

Coronation Park scandal; Kabwe chapel pastors mentioned, as TC is summoned

A Pastor at Kabwe Chapel and the church administrator received K35,000 each from Unity distributors to endorse the destruction of Coronation park and pave way for construction of the controversial shopping complex.

An assistant pastor only identified as pastor Muwowo and his Church administrator Sydney Tembo were nominated to sit on the committee to assess the suitability of the complex located opposite the church but in spite of the church members opposed to the project the duo consented.

The park was later corruptly sold at K24,000 while a tandem of thieves who include PF MPs Sydney Mushanga, James Kapyanga, Mayor Richard Bango with his deputy Macdonald Mwamba and other directors pocketed in excess of K500,000.

We are in possession of the minutes were the duo approved in spite of the church writing an objection letter, and we challenge them to deny this. Tembo, who is former marketing director for Zambia Railways is also the president of the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry while Muwowo is an ex employee of the defunct Mulungushi textiles.

Meanwhile Kabwe town clerk Ronald Daka has been summoned to the ministry of local government in Lusaka to explain the corrupt sale.

While all this is happening, the Watchdog is informed that residents have formed the ‘Save Kabwe Land Coalition’ and will file an injunction to block the dubious land sale by PF agents.


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