Corrupt Avic now brands Zambia police

Corrupt Avic now brands Zambia police

Avic International now brands Zambia police

These police officers are supposed to arrest Avic International officials in Zambia for corruption but here they are; forced to wear clothes with Avic logos and emblems.

Avic International is the firm that has bribed Edgar Lungu and key ministers in order to be given road contracts. Avic is constructing flats for Lungu and his family in exchange for government tenders.

In turn, Avic Inflates contract fees then give the difference to Lungu and his ministers plus officials .

The government then increases taxes on almost everything in order to raise money for Avic.

It’s a shame that Zambia police officers can be forced to wear clothes contaminated with Avic and Lungu corruption.

But we can bet this is part of Avic corruption. Someone in the police force has received kickbacks for this.

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