Corrupt Israeli firm returning to run Kasumbalesa?


I need to bring to your attention recent activities surrounding the running of this border post. When Rupiah Banda was President he granted a 20 year concession to an Israeli national to operate this border and others. This person was brought through Henry Banda(Rupiahs son). When the PF government assumed power they cancelled this concession and appointed a commission of enquiry to see how this concession was granted. The subsequent report revealed glaring misrepresentations by the Israeli and clearly bordered on the corrupt. The report was presented to President Sata and it supported the governments decision to terminate the concession. However certain members of Cabinet(namely Alexander Chikwanda and Edgar Lungu) were not happy with this development. As the President was adamant in respecting the findings of the Commission there wasn’t much these characters could do. With the Presidents health failing Lungu tried to force the Attorney General to reinstate the Concession Contract. In a rare act of patriotism in our country he refused. The death of President Sata however has completely changed things. The Israeli national was spotted in Mfuwe recently where he had gone to meet the President and the Minister of Finance. With Rupiah Banda influencing matters it is almost guaranteed that the Concession Contract will be restored and once again matters in our country will have been decided corruptly.

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