Corrupt Livingstone magistrate exposed

A Livingstone based magistrate Benjamin Mwelwa has gone on rampage harassing innocent people in Livingstone. Mr Mwelwa, is not as honourable as he is supposed to be for a man in that profession. Mr. Mwelwa has been working with KBF law firm in Livingstone and some police officers to victimize and harass the business community in Livingstone in order to have innocent people locked up and then released after paying huge bail amounts which he shares with the lawyer and some police officers. He has been known to demand shares in family run businesses and anyone that resists is victimized and even threatened with jail time. Some companies in this small town have been threatened with closure and insolvency petitions for refusing to give him shares in the companies. He has also been conniving with staff within the companies to syphon funds out of the companies and is seen having clandestine meetings with these staff as they share the proceeds of his illegal activities. Soon he will be demanding shares in Shoprite Livingstone due to the large shopping trolleys he fills in there every other day of the week. We wonder how this corrupt disreputable man is allowed to practice and is left to bring the name of the Judiciary into disrepute without any fear or remorse. Let us not forget to mention the plots and other properties that he is forcibly acquiring and taking over from powerless and innocent Livingstone residents. Judicial Complaints Authority please investigate and you will find out this is just the tip of the iceberg.

L/Stone Resident

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