Corrupt Lungu will flee the country


By Nason Msoni

The grand corruption President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is undoubtably involved-in clearly is pointing to a leader whose intention is to flee the country in the end.

To be frank and honest this man’s conduct and mindset going by the kind of reckless unbridled theft of public funds coupled with the abuse of office is clearly pointing to a man whose internal sensitivity has died giving way to doing it out-of-spite.

Mr. Lungu and his family is certainly headed into political exile. His very sure even himself that he would not escape prison going by the numerous transgressions he has committed against the Zambian people.

The wanton and reckless auctioning of public properties and assets do not reflect any sense of patriotism on his part but gluttony and piggish greediness that lacks any sense of shame.

It’s obvious reading through his conduct that he intends to flee abroad. What a shameless way to part with a country that has given him so much and a lifeline.

Just how ungrateful can a man be to a people who had embraced him and gave him all the support he needed.

Certainly Mr. Lungu will end up like his former Gambian counterpart ex-President Yahya Jammeh who fled abroad.

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