Corrupt Lungu will go straight to jail – Nawakwi

Lungu looks at where he might be in Septmber

Lungu looks at where he might be in Septmber

FDD president Edith Nawakwi says the PF is a clan of crooks that has completely destroyed the education sector.

And Nawakwi says Edgar Lungu will be the first President in Zambia’s history to walk straight into jail from State House.

Speaking after a political meeting in Sinda’s Seba area where she met village headmen and party members, Nawakwi said teenage girls in villages were excluded from school before grade seven, meaning they would never have a chance to be in class again because there was no option or solution anywhere.

“I get upset that we have a collection of illiterate leaders in government. It’s a clan of crooks; it’s a hood of leaders that have destroyed the education sector,” Nawakwi said. “I will not rest until the message of agriculture reaches all corners of Zambia, and on the other side, I feel pained the way education has been destroyed under ba PF. What they did to the education sector is to change the curriculum without providing teaching aids to the teachers. Imagine over 1,000 children have been excluded from education not by virtue of being dull but by virtue of PF being a very dull government because all they know is Shaka without including others like bena Zwangendaba.”

She also said President Lungu fooled himself to think that the amended Constitution would work in his favour.

“People appreciate that they have a bad government because ambiri ati boma iyi iyai ba paya farmer. Ati Lungu ni mwana wathu but atisunga na njala [many disagree with this government, that it has destroyed agriculture. They say Lungu is our child but he is keeping us hungry]. But as FDD, people are proud of our agricultural initiative which is also the vision we stand on,” Nawakwi said. “I felt bad that in chief Chanje’s area, people have already started pounding gaga to eat. [There is] absolutely no mealie-meal in chief Chanje’s area but think, government is there squandering money like masau. The Patriotic Front is looting the resources of this country as if it’s sharing masau, yet Zambians are watching.”

Nawakwi said President Lungu deserves to be arrested once he leaves office because of corruption going on under his charge.

“Youths will arrest Lungu in the next eight months. He is presiding over the most corrupt government in the history of Zambia. How do you expect a leader to be sharing contracts with people who campaign for him?” she wondered. “This will be the first President to walk from State House to jail. Look, youths have been pushed beyond the limit and unfortunately, our leader doesn’t have the decency to apologise for the wrongs he does. In October last year [October 2014], Lungu couldn’t raise money for canvassing the elections for him to be the Patriotic Front leader until someone had to give him K70,000. Today he is flashing money like masau to chiefs and everybody. Where is it coming from? These are proceeds of crime from contracts which his friends are getting.”

Nawakwi said in Chipata, one could not get a contract if he or she was not in PF colours, forgetting that people in Eastern Province voted for President Lungu in order to benefit through agriculture and policies that would foster development in their area.

She said unfortunately, easterners’ hope and expectation had been doomed by President Lungu’s government.

And Nawakwi said there was complete panic in PF and UPND camps because the people would use the Constitution to vote them out.

“President Lungu took the Constitution and put it under his armpit as if he was writing a grade seven examination. He never wanted anyone to copy from it because he thought he was going to make political mileage under the Constitution but it has fallen flat on his face, making him feel confused,” she said.

Nawakwi said people should know that the Constitution was not for politicians but for Zambians.

She said PF members were in chaos over some clauses in the Constitution because it would work against them.

Nawakwi also said it was unfortunate that President Lungu and his government spoke against violence when it suits them but went silent when it affects others.

“Lungu talks against violence when it suits him but for the visible violence, he is very quiet. I’m from Chipata, the gentleman who assaulted The Post reporter is still on the loose. They have arrested the man near Vubwi, leaving the other fellow in Petauke… He is said to be sick in Lusaka. What nonsense is that? How can you stop crime when you are the perpetrator of crime?” wondered Nawakwi.

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