Corrupt magistrate, sex maniac Mwale appointed Sheriff of Zambia

Corrupt magistrate, sex maniac  Mwale appointed Sheriff of Zambia

Principal magistrate Lameck Mwale has been appointed sheriff of Zambia but the appointment has been met with grumbling and resistance from lawyers who describe Mwale as one of the most corrupt lawyers in Zambia.

The Sheriff’s offices are located at the High Court and most magistrates Courts and the main duty of of the Sheriffs is to auction goods seized goods by courts.

Mwale who has been acting as Sheriff for some time now is accused of refusing to execute court orders to seize and auction goods as he receives bribes from debtors to ‘sit’ on orders.

According to judicial sources, when Mwale does conduct an auction, he informs Indian businessmen who pay him in advance to rig the sales especially for high value items such as trucks and other expensive cars.


‘There have been a lot of complaints from South African companies whose goods have been seized on the corrupt activities of the head of the Sheriffs in Zambia,’ a source said.


In December 2015, magistrate Lameck Mwale (now Sheriff of Zambia) was arrested and detained for assaulting and threatening to shoot his wife.  Magistrate Mwale, 38, beat his wife, Hara Chikupe, 34, before threatening to shoot her after a marital dispute.

Sheriff Mwale only survived jail after the wife withdrew the case in preference for a cash pay out. But the judiciary had suspended Mwale following his arrest. When the case was withdrawn, Mwale was reinstated as magistrate but transferred to Mongu.

But then, a leopard can not change its colours. In Mongu he impregnated a court offical, prompting judiciary staff to rise up against him.


Then her honour the Chief Justice decided to appoint the corrupt, sex mania as the sheriff of Zambia.

When lawyers queried the chief justice, she said Mwale was just acting.

The previous sheriff of Zambia Katrina Walubita has been promoted to registrar of the court of appeal. While she was sheriff, she put in measures, including installing CCTV to stop the rampant theft of seized good. But the Watchdog understands that, once Mwale took over, the CCTV cameras somehow stopped working and that Mwale sales auto spare parts.

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