Corrupt PF gives money meant for farmers to minister Chikwanda, says Chifire


Farmers across the country have not been paid for the Crops they supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) because the Patriotic Front (PF) Government has diverted money meant to pay farmers for the 2010/2011 farming season to give Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda’s Company Apollo Enterprises that was corruptly awarded a tender to refurbish Statehouse and to motor vehicles for Cabinet Ministers.

It is worrying to realize that the Government does not show any concern on the plight of poor farmers who depend on agriculture for their survival. The Government should have instead prioritized payment to farmers as opposed to refurbishing Statehouse and buying Luxurious Vehicles.

The PF Government should attach a sense of seriousness in the manner they govern the country as opposed to being sensational. The Government is busy pointing accusing fingers to the previous regime but still tolerating some of the vices they claim harmed the well-being of the Citizenry.

We are also taken aback to realize that the PF Government is scheming to silence all the opposing voices. The threats by the Republican President at the Swearing in ceremony for the Attorney General and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director General at state house yesterday is a classic example of what the citizens of this Country will be subjected to for the next 5 years. The PF Government is in a hurry to close down media houses that publish content that they do not agree to.  They are determined to deregister NGOs, Political Parties, Churches and other Organizations providing checks and balances.

It is also saddening that most NGOs and media houses that used to provide checks and balances to the previous Government have either been compromised or are afraid to voice out concerning  the ills perpetuated by the current regime.

If this situation is left unchecked, it will create a despotic leadership that will subject citizens to untold hardship.



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