PF government endorses slavery at Kifco

Government has failed to resolve the labour impasses at Kabwe Industrial Fabrics Company (KIFCO) where workers have gone seven months unpaid and have been on strike for a month without any intervention form government.

Sources at the nation’s leading grain packaging company told the Watchdog that Central province permanent secretary Annie Sinyangwe and Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala, after a Watchdog exposure two weeks ago went to the plant but came out smiling saying ‘what the PF government did not want was unemployment’.

“We are better off not working than being exposed to slavery, how do our own leaders come here and endorse the slave conditions we are in, does it mean they have been bribed also like the labour officers have been bribed?” complained the irate workers who have also not received their three terms’ gratuity from 2006 to 2012 and last received salaries in November 2012, but the company has continued to expand its plant.

A Watchdog check revealed workers have not resumed work as they are waiting for further instructions fror union in Lusaka after their mother union’s meeting with management and board of Kifco.

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