Corrupt PF officials plotting to oust Kabwe Town Clerk……. he is working with Fr. Bwalya

In an effort to cleanse themselves of massive illegal land allocations, Kabwe councillors with the help of provincial chairman Benson Chali are plotting to remove Town clerk Mukamabo Mbambai.

And members of the PF in Kabwe have maintained the vote of no confidence in the two MPs, who have now bribed Chali to shield them from their rejection.

Speaking on radio Maranatha today Chali accused Mbaimbai of inefficiency and divisive in the municipality. Sources close to the PF have told the Watchdog that Chali is propping up some cadres to accuse Mbaimbai of spearheading ABZ leader Fr. Frank Bwalya’s penetration into central province.

“He is planning to raise an accusation against the TC and wants some cadres to testify that they attended an ABZ meeting with him (Mbaimbai) but the guys feel it is not good and have refused, it is all because Mr. Chali is protecting the councillors who are involved in illegal land sales, after rejection from members he opted to rash to the radio station,” said the source who sought anonymity.

If Mbaimbai is victimised, he will be the second TC in Kabwe to be victimised for refusing to endorse illegal land allocations by the bPF controlled council. Ekan Chingangu was transferred under questionable circumstances last year but workers protested demanding that their TC stays at Kabwe then all union officials were transferred and later Chingangu himself was transferred. Mbaimbai has only been at the council for less than four months.

The source also disclosed that the vote of no confidence in Bwacha MP Sydney Mushanga and James Kapyanga of Kabwe central still stands as endorsed at another meeting held on 29th June at Mabel’s hall and attended by all ward officials from the two constituencies.

He said the MPs are not wanted and have now resorted to bribing Chali whom they feel is the only one to protect them, and he displayed this last month when he lied that PF does not have a clause of vote of no confidence in the constitution.

“We dont want these guys, we resolved at Marbel’s on Saturday and we shall meet again on 27th July but they have found solace in Chali who they are giving money, if there is no vote of no confidence in the PF then how are other members disciplined, suspended and expelled. What Chali is doing now is whoever is against his MPs he accuses them of being with ABZ and consequently suspends them but this is nonsense,” he said.

The rift between the party members and the MPs has been degenerating and the two lawmakers have even been shunning most party and public functions out of fear of being attacked.

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