Corrupt PF want Tutwa Ngulube out


The corrupt Patriotic Front party wants to hound out Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube from the party for allegedly putting the party in disrepute.
PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has charged that the party will not ‘discipline’ Tutwa but he should resign on his own.
Tutwa has in recent days come out in the open stating that the PF has failed to fulfil most of their campaign promises but this has infuriated many bootlickers in the party.
And Mwila has also disclosed that the PF Central committee has received a petition from Luapula Province calling for the resignation of Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba from the party.
Kalaba who served as Foreign Affairs Minister for four years recently resigned from cabinet citing high levels of corruption and greed in Edgar Lungu’s government.


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    Alfred 1 week

    Zambia beloved country. God loves Zambia!

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    Muta Mutai 1 week

    Failure to embrace constructive criticism is what will bring our beloved ECL down. Your Excellency look beyond closed circles.

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    If Kalaba went to court, it is a case he can win hands down. Resigning from one’s ministerial position is not an offense. Kalaba must be thanked for the services he diligently offered and not to be harrassed instead. stop the primitivity, we are in the twenty first centuary. PF must be a party of laws therefore the laws of the land must be followed. Only this morning i have found three people who were staunch supporters of PF complaining about how things have gone wrong in PF.Obviously these are no longer with PF. The PF leadership must know that even among the grass root people are leaving the PF en mass.

    Where have the PF gotten the idea that it is illegal for an MP to resign from his ministerial position? Is it one of the clauses in their party constitution? Answer is NO. Then why waste time petitioning? This is a party of jungle laws.

    Lusaka people must be told that PF has killed people through cholera because they abandoned President Mwanawasa’s CLEAN ZAMBIA CAMPAIGN programme. They thought Mwanawasa was stupid by cleaning up Zambia. These are the people ruling us.

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    JL 2 weeks

    The most useless SG Zambia has ever produced
    is davis Mwila.