Corrupt RDA gives and pays two companies for same road

In its continued corrupt deals, the Road Development Agency (RDA) is this week expected to finalise the award of  the road contract for the Ndola-Kapiri and yet they also  award another contract under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) on the same road, a move that will result into the government losing over K 790 billion, sources at the agency have said.
Last week RDA officials in the procurement committee openly clashed over the tender  which was being fast tracked for award to one Chinese constructing company but the same project will also be awarded to another contractor  under the PPP which would ultimately put up a dual carriage way from Ndola to Lusaka in the same duration of works.
The scandalous first contract  is pegged at K790 billion  would entail that the money be shared among the corrupt RDA and State House officials linked to the deal.
“There was a near punch up as corrupt officials at RDA last week clashed in a procurement committee meeting on the awarding of the Ndola-Kapiri-Mposhi road tender. This is part of  the same road that they are awarding another contract for the dual carriage way through the public private partnership,” said a source at RDA.

The source further said that RDA board chairman Samuel Mukupa chief executive officer Mumba Kanyuka were putting too much pressure on the Director maintenance and his staff as the deal failed  to go through procurement committee last week and was referred to maintenance dept for fake justification.
“There is pressure from Mumba Katuka, Samuel Mukupa who is the board chairperson and the PS at ministry of Works forcing for the endorsement of an illegality by maintenance department to facilitate dirty theft which they believe is clean theft. They are in a hurry to plunder K790 billion,” he said.

The top RDA officials plan to quickly award Zhomei the Ndola-Kapiri Mposhi and pay K790 billion which would be shared among the corrupt officials, then award Ndola to Lusaka dual carriage to another contractor who shall do the works including being  paid for demolishing “fake” single lane works by Zhomei
“We demand that  President Edgar Lungu to stops this stinking deal,” he said.

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