Corrupt RDA Mpika weigh bridge officers exposed

There is rampant corruption by RDA officers manning the Mpika weigh bridge and the officers are raking between Kr500 and Kr1000 per overloaded bus or truck and a concerned citizen has called on government to move in.

Yesterday a Juldan marcopolo scania bus, reg number ABV 4560 from Lusaka to Mpulungu was allowed to pass through the weigh bridge even with overloaded passengers and cargo on board.

When the bus reached the weighbridge, it was recorded as overloaded but the driver corruptly negotiated with the officers, thereafter the conductor asked some passengers to move out of the bus and allowed the bus to get onto the weighbridge’ and given a pass way to proceed with the journey.

One of the passengers on the bus complained and wondered what the purpose of weighbridges is if overloaded vehicles are allowed to go through.

“If these people are allowed to continue with their corruption where every overloaded vehicle driver corruptly pays Kr500 to Kr1,000 into these thugs’ pockets then what is the purpose of having weigh bridges?” wondered Mr. Mulenga of Mpulungu.
The corruption in the RDA which is directly controlled from ailing dictator Michael Sata’s office is more rampant under the PF government with a lot of shoddy works road works being executed.

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