Corrupt Sampa confirms being relegated to a less sensitive Commerce ministry

Corrupt Sampa confirms being relegated to a less sensitive Commerce ministry

President Michael Sata has distanced corrupt Finance deputy Minister Miles Sampa from a sensitive ministry that keeps money and relegated him to a junior Ministry of Commerce and Industry with immediate effect.

Boastful Sampa who, recently allegedly resigned and later rescinded his decision and said he was frustrated by some people in government and decided to fight within, has since been demoted himself.

Mr. Sata has since swapped Sampa with MMD MP Keith Mukata who has since been appointed to the Ministry of Finance.

Sampa has so far been implicated in the Zambia Railways investigations involving Eurobond money, where Chief Executive Clive Chirwa and the entire board have been removed.

Last week, Sampa breached cabinet handbook by directly writing to a fellow presidential appointee, Finance Permanent Secretary, Felix Nkulukusa, an action that should have earned him a dismissal under a normal functioning government.

By being demoted to the junior ministry of Commerce, Sampa will just be one of the many deputies in ministries that are crowded by opposition MPs who Sata has been bribing to join his government to add numbers in parliament.

Admitting the relegation on his facebook page, Sampa said “given numerous inquiries, it is my duty to confirm that indeed as of last Tuesday, I am now Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry. The movement has nothing to do with any of the web speculations whatsoever. I am grateful to H.E. for this new challenge and to be part of the Ministry dealing with national wealth creation through SMEs, Companies and Industries. In this tour of duty, I will take keen interest on Micro SMEs or ‘Tuntemba’ and assist in enhancing their businesses. I am also keen on the Cement industry as it is cardinal to the Pave Zambia project. I look forward to meeting ZCSMBA and ZACCI sometime soon. Turns out Lusaka Heavy Industries are based in Matero, but I will visit all areas countrywide and assist with Industrial productivity and social responsibilities. Yet again, its time to work hard”, he said.

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