Corrupt traffic police in Livingstone


As a tourism capital, we feel that security is the most important element which the police command should take as priority in terms of service delivery. Now what we have now is a FLEET of CORRUPT traffic officer all over all our roads. God knows why they can have such a huge part of the establishment just focusing of traffic offences as their core business.

These officers don’t even sleep, you find them paroling roads as early as 03:00hrs in the morning, looking for that pirator that has made K100 cashing to get as corruption. I would like to Challenge the Livingstone Command if this is a false allegation, otherwise we shall produce PHOTO and list the names of those officers that have acquired a lot of wealth from Corrupt activities so that you can have them displined. We can even check the kinds of investments they have amassed within a short period of time, which includes houses, cars, and life style. Iam sure we must know the salaries of these officers to justify our argument. (Dambwa, Linda and Libuyu Police…….. We are watching you…. ) Anyway, Central police officers are more profession/ civilized and that we can t dispute. (keep it up) As for the police command in Livingstone, kindly deploy more regular officers to manage our security in our communities. The levels of crime is just getting too high for a tourism capital.

Concerned and irritated citizen.


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