Corrupt ZCON boss behind transfers at ministry of education

Dear editor
The current transfers and firing at Ministry of Education are being influenced by Savour Chungu and Jonathan Sinyinza the CEO of ZCON Construction. This is in order to accommodate ZCON to obtain a construction project from Ministry of Education.
If you follow the background to this readers you will note that the current project (Mumbwa Secondary School) ZCON has with Ministry of Education was fraudulently acquired, inspect all documentation submitted by ZCON to acquire the project.
Jonathan knows the professional staff at the ministry can not give any project that’s why he has resorted to ensuring that he uses his friend Mr. Chungu to ensure that all those standing in his corrupt way are either fired or transferred.
Jonathan and Mr. Chungu have a corrupt background which the President should look at carefully from the Chiluba regime involving construction of the OP houses and the TFJ institute.
The President stands at risk regarding unprofessional decisions of firing people. Mr. President, please Jonathan pay the money he owes the Banks, ZRA and NAPSA.
Based on the current trend the corruption from the Chiluba regime is back headed by one Savoir Chungu.

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