Corruption and day light theft at Police and Prisons training Camps

Dear Editor;

Kindly allow me air my disappointment at the manner  recruits have been treated at both the Prisons and the Police training camps.
First and foremost, I will kindly request that you withhold my name for fear of victimization as I happen to be a civil servant. We really don’t know where the PF  government under the leadership of one Mr Michael Chilufya Sata  is taking us.
The manner in which the  recruits who are currently undergoing training at Kamfinsa were paid their meager salaries leaves much to be desired and raises more questions that beg answers especially when the republican President is on record claiming to be allergic to corruption.
The recruits began their training on 29 th July 2012 and were not paid their money until after four months of undergoing training. at the end of the four months, they were paid money only for three months which was also subject to many deductions. For instance, the poor recruits were forced to buy blankets, mattresses and  bed sheets from their commanders at an exorbitant price when they should have been given a choice to buy the same from shops of their choices at cheaper prices. in addition to exploiting the poor police recruits, their commanders deducted a lot of money from these recruits including what they said would go towards payment for the mess, the canteen and for tracksuits.
We hear the same is being extended to Prisons where recruits  will only receive money for three months despite having been training at Mukobeko Prisons for the past five months. The recruits will then have to pay K450,000 messing fee for three months, K160,000 for blankets, K370,000 for a single mattress, K30,000 for bed sheets, K90,000 for the canteen, K150,000 for a tracksuit.
one wonders why these poor recruits from both the police and prisons cannot be given chance to buy things of their choices from shops at a cheaper and affordable price than their commanders taking advantage of them and exploiting them in such a manner. why can’t  these commanders find market elsewhere to sell their expensive items than impose them of poor recruits at a very high price?
I wish to challenge the Minister of Home Affairs Hon Edgar Lungu to rise to the occasion and check what is going on at the training camps for police and prisons. ACC must also quickly move in a check the corruption going on in these training camps.
Concerned Citizen

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