Corruption and fraud in construction of Pedicle Road

Corruption and fraud in construction of Pedicle Road

This is the state of the newly bulit multi million dollar pedicle road. The contractor is Copperfield Mining Services one of the cadres who has been given a lot of road and toll plaza contracts on the copperbelt. As you can see the road has completely failed and requires complete breaking and reconstruction.
As you can see, the contractor is doing pothole patching on already once patched sections what manner of nosense is that. Also you can not have so many patches within such a short stretch in less than a year after construction, this is a sign that the whole stretch has failed and aspgalt has to be removed and redone. But that can not happen with RDA corrupt engineers.
A few months ago RDA sent its audit engineers to certify the works by the contractor but that didn’t help. The corrupt audit engineers were given 25,000 dollars each and declared the road works good and satisfactory. One of these engineers is even building expensive flats in New Kasama from the same money.
However the RDA doesn’t take the contractor to task because of the kick backs so the contractor can not build at his own cost. Instead the RDA is buying time so that the contract enters Defect Liabilty Period then governement takes over the poor standard strructure because by then, the contract would have expired. The money meant for repairs is then shared between RDA engineers and the board chairman Mr Samuel Mukupa obviously.

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    Zambiaisours 7 days ago

    Thanks Watchdog,it is heartbreaking to see a road broken before it is even finished.To make matters worse,this a 65 km stretch which has taken over 12 years and it is not complete to date. To make matters worse a section on Zambian side of about 17km connecting Mokambo to Mufulira is all ripped off,the diversions are of total poor quality without water spraying for dust suppression! ALL THESE REFLECT ON POOR LEADERSHIP IN LUAPULA MPs AND HOW THE ENTIRE PF INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT DISREGARDS THE PROVINCE AND ITS PEOPLE!! IT IS TIME TO VOTE THIS PF OUT!!