Corruption and poor wages at Sun hotel

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to your attention of the corruption and mischeif going on at Sun International Zambia (Zambezi sun and Royal Livingstone Hotels).

Firstly, employee are subjected to work with very minimal wages and poor conditions of service.

For example, waiters have a take home salary in the range of k430 000 to K700 000 kwacha. As for the rest of the Zambian Staff theirs salaries leaves much to be desired with the highest paid Zambian Proffessional getting around 4 Million kwacha. Workers are tired of this and are getting frustrated hence most of middle managers and supervisors have all left the company for Radison Blu in Lusaka which is offering reasonable salaries.

We would like the Minister of Labour to come in and help the Union reftify this issue because whenever they go for negositions they are always threatened by Joannne Selby the General Manager. for example there was negositions and at which uninioed members requested a pay rise of 250 000 kwacha across the board and the GM said they will have to fire at least 40% of the workforce for us to get that littlle pay rise. We stayed for Two years without pay rise and no medical scheme meanwhile them White South Africans are busy enjoying. Please note that they will use different passports for simply to hide that they are boers.


We would like to bring to your attention that the General Manager Joanne Selby is under investigation with the Police for illegally importing goods susch as cigers without a permit. this issues was reported to the Zambia Police and all the evidence was given; however it seems someone has been given huge sums of money to throw away this very criminal offence of which if it was a zambian they would have been sentece d by now and yet these foreingers are freely enjoying their freedom.
the name of the people in these cases are Guilio Togini, Dean Pit, Joanne Selby,and their police connection Peter Mulyata who is busy trying to make fogery ZRA papers.

We would like the Cheif Inspector oof Police to Move in and get these people arrested and let justice prevail.

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