Corruption and theft of World Bank money at ZATP

Corruption and theft of World Bank money at ZATP


There is corruption and calculated stealing of money from the Zambia Agribusiness and Trade Project (ZATP). The money is a loan from the World Bank to the government of Zambia. The project is under the ministry of commerce. Not every one there is corrupt but some.

There were ten SMEs who were initially shortlisted for financial support by the project about two years ago. When a consulting firm (Market Connect) was engaged some consultant like Farayi Martin Muzofa has dropped some good SMEs and replaced them with Monica Musonda’s Eezee noodles company because that is where he once worked.

The full list of the first 10 SMEs can be accessed on YouTube under ZATP. They where selected for the program at a competition which was held at Mulungushi international conference center and was streamed live on YouTube. Prior to this selection there was another competition which was held at the Bongo Hive offices. To be selected for the Bongo Hive competition one had to go through another competitive screening by independent experts using a check list which was published well in advance. However this final dropping and replacing of SME companies by the consultant (market connect) is done using a secret method only known to them.
They also create unnecessary training programs and workshops including travel for them to get allowances from this loan money which Zambian will have to payback.

In short more money is spent on the project implementation than they are supposed to and less on the real intended beneficiaries, while other funding are done on those companies that they may benefit from.

In this case you may not easily tell when the fish is drinking water. They try to be smart.

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