Corruption at Barclays is real

Am a manager in Barclays Bank Zambia PLC. The story the Zambian Watchdog published in titled ‘Barclays Sex Scandals Exposed’ is true. Except what was reported is just a tip of the ice berg. I have sent a copy of this article to the Post Newspaper and Daily Mail also to improve the chances of it being published.
The appraisal system (called Performance Development or PD) that Barclays is using to assess it’s staff is actually a weapon of torture and humiliation. The rating you get at the end of the year (Exceptional, Above Expectation, Fully Meets Expectations, Meets some expectations and Does not meet expectations) purely depends on what one’s boss perceives about that member of staff. They don’t follow any quantifiable way of doing it; it’s all subjective. What is sad is that Salary increment and bonus at the end of the year depends on this very flawed and subjective system. They toy with people’s lives. Those staff who get ratings of ‘Meets Some expectations and Does not meet expectations’ are not eligible for bonus and salary increment and are also not eligible for promotion or simply to apply for another job within the bank. Barclays could be the only company in Zambia where people stay for more five years without a salary increment. Staff have suggested that we go back to the system of profit sharing because the current system has been mismanaged. Of course those who benefit with the current method get hefty bonuses and salary increments.
A good number of us staff have survived on the same salary for more than five years and yet fuel, electricity, water, school, transport prices have adjusted upwards over the years. Find out from any Barclays staff and they will tell you it’s true. That person who sent that article to Zambia Watchdog about BBZ sex scandals was stating facts. I have written to the Post, Daily and Times Newspapers before but my articles have not been published. Investigative journalism is in it’s infancy in Zambia. In my last articles I asked the Post and Daily Mail papers to investigate and prove what am saying.
Barclays Bank Zimbabwe refused to adopt the oppressive PD system because it is susceptible to abuse. Our bosses become demigods. Those who grovel, give favours or are related in some way to the Retail Director (Simangolwa Shakalima) or The Head of Branch and Distribution (Nicholas Muneku) or The Head Retail Support (Kabanda Lilanda) or any of the Area Managers are the ones who enjoy good salaries, bonuses and promotions. It’s not about merit, education or experience in Barclays Zambia any more. The new MD, Saviour Chibiya, does not seem to know what is going on. He is too new and a bit inexperienced.
Is it possible for someone who is lying to have all this information which am giving. At the time of writing this article, I was looking at an email from HR saying negotiations for salary increments had failed. Barclays Management and Zufiaw have agreed to declare a dispute. Standard Chartered and other banks already concluded their negotiations. We are almost in September and Barclays is still struggling to award their workers what they deserve.

In Barclays to move to a higher grade like AVP which goes with a slightly higher salary and a personal to holder car, one has to be a friend, relative or have offered sexual favours to one of the bosses I mentioned above.

If the Labour Commissioner moved in and interviewed staff he would be shocked with the amount of rot that is there in this bank. Under Margaret Mwanakatwe, this bank was very professional. Now the majority of the staff are saying they would leave if there was Voluntary Separation or a retrenchment scheme.

It is very sad that a lot of people think we are very privileged to be working for this corrupt institution.

Help us to bring these issues to the attention of relevant authorities like Ministry of Labour or ACC. We have suffered too much.

A concerned BBZ member of staff.

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