Corruption at Citizenship board

Corruption at Citizenship board


I see a lot of serious corrupt acts here at the citizenship board or passport office and immigration department of Zambia under the Kampyongo regime.

I have discovered that there is a Lebanese man by the name of Hassan Ahdaka (in the photo below) of Lusaka who charges Lebanese a sum of K50,000 which he shares with one of the bosses @ immigration HQ.

That’s not all, if any Lebanese refuses to pay the k50,000 for the permit it’s either he is deported or the file goes missing.

On the citizens board and passport office the same Hassan Ahdaka was issued a Zambian passport with backing of the same boss @immgration HQ. This man walks in the bosses office without any appointment. It’s like he holds a remote control and can press any button to command anyone at the imigration.

Another Lebanes Hilal Bourji has a Zambian friend within the passport offices who is pushing for his citizenship and passport to be issued.

A check revealed that Hilal Bourji has only been in Zambia for 8 years and has a criminal record. According to the Zambian laws any foreigner who wishes to obtain Zambian citizenship should have no criminal record and must have stayed in Zambia for 10years or more and it’s not automatic for one to obtain the citizenship. Kindly expose these practices.
There are a number of bad eggs that should be removed from the tray.

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