Corruption at Engineering Institute of Zambia


The Director General

Anti- Corruption Commission



We wish to bring to your immediate attention the above matters involving corrupt activities at EIZ involving the Council led by Mr. Henry Musonda. The council (Board of directors) has been involved in suspicious transactions including the manner they were brought into office in August 2010 matters which have been brought by some EIZ members before the High Court of Zambia challenging the unconstitutionality of the processes used being against the EIZ Act No. 17 of 2010 and the EIZ Constitution. These matters are yet to be determined. However, due to the slow court processes, the Council Members have continued to engage in further abuse of office activities and gratification ventures involving irregular procurements, non-transparent and unfair hiring and firing of staff, falsification and fabrication of evidence to entrench themselves. Actions have also been taken out against the EIZ Council in the Industrial Relations Court (IRC) with complaints against illegal and unfair labour practices.

Further to these matters being active and pending before courts of law, the Council has gone ahead and appointed a CEO as Registrar, Mr. Henry Mwale who started work on 3rd January 2012. He replaces Mr. Chitundu who was also hand-picked against the EIZ procedures and whilst he was non-compliant whose matter is among the actions in the IRC. According to the EIZ Act section 10, a Registrar must be a Registered Engineer and there are currently over 2000 of such. However, Council in further defiance of EIZ rules and the law and in favouring Mr. Mwale,  ran an advert for the post of Registrar whose closing date was 29th October 2011. Some mock interviews were carried out but no recruitment was effected and Mr. David Chakonta working for TEVETTA was irregularly made to Act as Registrar despite the position being a fulltime job and whilst he had an interest being a Vice-President of EIZ.  The time lapse from the deadline to the actual appointment is understood to have meant facilitation of the Registration of Mr. Mwale whom the council was strangely favouring to meet section 10. The records available are that despite him having been working for ZESCO for a long time, he never was a member of EIZ at any time and he was only being pushed in the system to be given a job un-transparently by the President, Mr. Henry Musonda who is his close acquaintance from Ndola and probably for kick-backs. This is at the expense of many qualified Registered Engineers of many years standing. Records clearly show that Mr. Henry Mwale was only given an EIZ admission letter on 2nd November 2011 and was only certified on 7th November 2011. This is only a prerequisite to be a registered engineer whose confirmation is through approval after payment of prescribed fees.  The Registration and subsequent appointment of Mr. Mwale was therefore an afterthought after the expiration of the deadline of the public advertisement for the post of Registrar/ CEO. The scenario is similar to Mr. Chalwe Mwale who was also handpicked as a consultant without any process but he is working as Finance Manager.

These actions and many others including hiring of close acquaintances after endorsing the papers by the President as in the case of Ms Naomi Chutu should be investigated to redeem the Institution which has been embellished in corrupt activities carefully concealed to the general EIZ membership, GRZ and the public. A cartel has thus been formed with mafia-type leadership hand-picking only puppets to promulgate propaganda and illegal activities.  Previous attempts by other interest groups to report these matters to the ACC under the former government have been frustrated after the ACC instead of reviewing the matters, referred them to the CEO/ President of EIZ and of course the matters died out as these people could not investigate themselves. Evidence of matters raised herein is available.

Concerned Engineers

CC:  Ministry of Labour and Social Protection

CC: Ministry of Communications, Transport, Works and Supply

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