Corruption at KCM

Corruption at KCM


PF copperbelt youth chairman Don Mundubile is one of the cadres benefiting from KCM contracts and he has become so rich in a shortest possible time. This guy is stinking rich. This guy is blocking us to have contracts with KCM. The ¬†money he is asking from us to be registered ad KCM suppliers is huge (K50,000). we can’t afford please Ba watchdog help us expose this corrupt man maybe he is going to stop and allow other youths to benefit from KCM. This is what he does with people running KCM;

For him to talk to people who gives contracts on your behalf or to have your company registered with KCM. For a registered company with KCM you pay K50,000 for you to start having jobs/supplying with KCM and k10,000 for a company to register with KCM.

There is too much corruption at KCM chingola. Last time don told us that its their time to eat 2021 is near.

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