Corruption at Police HQ by senior officers

Dear Editor,

Allow me space to air my views on the rampant corruption at the Police Service Headquarters. Right now, the Service has been given money by Government to clear all outstanding leave pay as well as repatriation allowances.

But what is happening is that, Senior Officers are interfering in the payment process by selecting those whom they know as well as those who have promised to give them bribes.

The ACC must visit this place urgently and cleanse the system because it is stinking with corruption. Even the office orderlies are demanding for bribes just to have one’s personal file pulled from the main registry to requesting Officers in order to commence processing of payments. We demand that all deserving Officers be paid without unnecessary delays.

The Inspector General of Police is aware of this rubbish been committed right under her nose and she is doing literally nothing about it. If she is not part of this rot, let her intervene and ensure that deserving Officers get their monies sooner than later, regardless of whom they know there.

Police and you, OFFAL!


Concerned and affected Officer.

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