Corruption at the ministry of agriculture

Corruption at the ministry of agriculture

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Its so disturbing how new dawn government has Uturned on their promise to fight corruption.

There is, on the contrary, looming urge of well coordinated and forecasted corruption activities at Ministry of agriculture under the hands of PS Mbozi. Mbozi has tailored a well calculated scheme to discredit current fertilizer suppliers, ALL of them including those that have performed exceptionally well and helped the ordinary Zambian farmer by supplying and delivering fertilizer in time. This elimination scheme of old fertilizer suppliers including credible ones is aimed at shifting the entire fertilizer requirement of the Country in the realm of 400,000 metric tones per annum to a sole supplier in the name of Dr. Maurice Jangulo, proprietor of Alpha Commodities.

Dr Maurice Jangulo has just been awarded a single sourced contract to supply fertilizer to southern province at $1,400 per metric tones, the highest bid price in the history of this country.

Notably, the current contract provides for extension to the extent of 10%. On the contrary, Ministry of Agriculture breached the extension provisions by awarding a personal friend to the government more than 100,%. Mbozi being PS Ministry of Agriculture is doing everything possible to cover up for this corrupt deal.

Most strange of all, Government has engaged Dr Maurice Jangulo to conduct an audit on all Companies supplying fertilize. Taking advantage of state machinery, he is reporting falsehood so as to discredit his fellow suppliers thereby creating justification to eliminate all other suppliers to his advantage as to gain unfair autonomy in the fertilizer industry.

Dr Maurice Jangulo is known for his big ideas but also for his high levels of failure. He lacks consistence, focus and has no heart for others.

He is fast dragging the new dawn government into utter disrepute and this, among other things, will see a hard fall of UPND. The levels of greed in this man is extremely alarming.

TO PUT RECORDS STRAIGHT, Dr Maurice Jangulo is the one effectively running Ministry of Agriculture. Mr Mbozi is merely a rubber stamp and dummy PS. But we need to know the man gets excited too quickly, he once made his good money when he was almost the sole supplier for FISP the entire country, so he decided to show off by blindly venturing into airline business and was sole Proprietor of the defunct ZAMBEZI AIRLINES. It never lasted, big ideas but great failure levels.

The looming corruption at Ministry of Agriculture will soon effect a revolt. This is clearly the Ministry They want to use to loot the government. As we speak, Maurice Jangulo is in the process of incorporating four companies that Government will in turn contract to supply fertilizer to the entire Country.

Wait, watch and see how the drama will unfold when time comes for next year’s farming season.

Concerned Citizen


(Zambia Watchdog 10 years ago)
ZAMBEZI Airlines’ aircraft have been repossessed by the owners, General Electric Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS) for failing to pay arrears amounting to over US$2 million.
The three planes were hired from GECAS, an American company, when the airline started its operations and were repossessed on February 10, 2012.
Two Zambezi Airlines planes were flown out from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and are now parked at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The third aircraft was already in South Africa where it was taken last year for repairs.
Reliable sources told Daily Mail, the planes were seen parked at Oliver Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.
The three planes are registered 9J-AJB Spirit of Mosi-o-Tunya, the other 9J-AJC Spirit of Limpopo while the third is 9J-AJA Spirit of Kafue.
“The airline ‘Zambezi’ cannot fly anymore because the owners have repossessed the planes. The two planes that were in Zambia were flown out and are in South Africa waiting to be deregistered.
The source said the development is saddening, revealing that most of the pilots had left the airline to join other carriers like Air Namibia, while others had moved to Tanzania and India.
Zambezi Airlines has a workforce of about 170 workers.
Late last month, the company moved its head offices from Petroda House on Great East Road to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.
Zambezi Airlines chairperson Maurice Jangulo yesterday, referred all queries to the company’s managing director Maureen Dlamini when contacted for a comment.
Attempts to get a comment from the managing director were unsuccessful.
“If she is not picking the phone, maybe it could be she is in a meeting, keep trying and make an appointment to get proper details on what is happening with the airline,” Dr Jangulo later commented.
Government last year suspended Zambezi Airlines’ operating certificate citing safety concerns.
Then former Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, permanent secretary Dominic Sichinga said Government would institute a tribunal to make inquiries on the airlines operations.
During that period Zambezi Airlines Mr Jangulo said the airline adhered to safety and aviation regulations relating to aircraft maintenance.
Dr Jangulo said all its aircraft were maintained and certified by a South African, company, Jetworx.

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