Corruption at Zampost



MacPhearson Chanda was hand picked to take over as Postmaster General (PMG) because he is a cadre. The names that were selected to be ratified to take over as PMG was thrown away, this was in January 2012. Upon taking over he was given chance to employe Directors, that is Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Chief internal Auditor. He used Mac employment agency and Anti corruption (ACC) as a smoke screen to cover his wrong doing and employ his friends. In his advert in the Post newspaper he asked for a copy of an application from applicants to be sent to his office when an agent was engaged. There is no doubt applicants with the right qualifications/experiences were left out. In actual fact most of the people he has employed is based on relationship, friendship and those with connections to people he knows.

Director human resources (DHR) is not well qualified/experienced for the position but because he is a fried to PMG. He is not even a Zambian but Tanzanian. He is now on suspension for employing 27 girl friends without advertising the positions and no interviews were conducted. This is criminal. Chanda has sacrificed his friend to cover up himself when they were sharing the girls. Please investigate.

Zampost has a house for a CEO in Northrise -Ndola. It was renovated at a great cost, causing former PMG to be fired because he over spent on the renovations. However, Chanda has refused to live in it with a view to collect heft housing allowance ( K20,000.00 and pays K5,000.00 as his rent) so why is Zampost paying housing allowance when accommodation is available this is criminal too.

Zampost is a government entity that must not buy second hand vehicles but Chanda is busy buying them. Some MPs are on suspension for doing the same, what is so special about him.

Zampost runs Postbus, Chanda fired Mr Mwenda who was manager to  create a vacancy  for hisrelative  Chopasha who was rejected in Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe by employees when he served as Area manager.  Zampost lost K40,000.00 in legal fees after Mr Mwenda got lawyers and he gt what was due to him. The same Chipasha is a criminal big time, he stole a Higer bus engine and a gear box from e work shop. He then went to collect 2 other engines frm a Higer workshop where they were taken for rehabilitations. Alex Mayeya (DO) is also a beneficially , they shared the proceeds. Chanda has blocked any disciplinary action to protect his relative and friend and he has also benefited. Zampost is very personal to Chanda he can do what ever he want and go scot free, what a Zambia we are living in, criminals can now even shield themselves by using security agencies like DEC,ACC and police as the situation stands. Please investigate all these.



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