Corruption at ZEMA Ndola office

Allow me space on your online publication to air my disappointment with ZEMA.
The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) is an institution charged with the mandate to protect our environment. One of the tools used by ZEMA to protect the environment is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which is a requirement for all developmental projects with potential to harm the environment to go through. However, sadly, this EIA process is marred with heavy corruption at Ndola office. The Senior Inspector, in charge of the EIA Unit at ZEMA – Ndola office, has a stupid tendency of pretending to be so strict with environmental laws, thereby creating anxiety on the developer. She does this knowing very well that when a developer becomes so desperate, she could easily get a bribe or anything she solicits for. The latest incidence is that involving a company called Caledonia. This company (Caledonia) is a copper mining company seeking ZEMA approval of its EIA document to mine copper on the Copperbelt. In her usual fashion, this big belly woman in charge of the EIA Unit in Ndola made the approval process so difficult for company. When Caledonia seemed to be desperate in her stupid wisdom, this woman Senior Inspector then requested Caledonia to buy a Jeep (motor vehicle) for her and in return relax the approval requirements. But the company was smarter than her such that they went and complained to ZEMA Management. To our surprise, ZEMA Management has shelved the complaints without even investigating the matter and its business as usual.
The other project which was marred with corrupt practices is the NFCA South East Ore Body Project in Kalulushi. It is rumored that one of the managers at ZEMA walked away with a Toyota Prado (ALG 276) which is now being driven by his wife.
Please ZWD investigate further on the corrupt practices by ZEMA especially at Ndola Office – EIA Unit.

Name withheld

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