Corruption between Necor and Road fund agency



There is serious corruption taking place at the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA). NECOR Zambia Limited Managing Director Mr. Mwamba and Ruth Phiri an employee have paid a total of $50,000 to the Head of Procurement at NRFA. This is all for NRFA to give NECOR various Toll Gate contracts for the systems they use. The NECOR systems are defective. Like if you have a card that you’re given at one Toll Gate for discounts as a regular user, the same card doesn’t read on another Toll Gate but using the same system. What is sustaining the NECOR system is not its sufficiency but corruption. This whole deal was facilitated by Former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela. He ate over $300,000 in this deal. As at now the Head Procurement at NRFA is the one swimming in that corruption now that, that Bandit Ronald Chitotela has been shifted to another ministry.

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