Corruption by traffic police in Muchinga

Dear editor, withhold my identity.

Corruption has taken centre stage and its done in broad day light by the police officers and some motorists especially at Isoka check point,Mafinga check point(Thendele) and Nakonde check point.

The police at these points do not stand at the barrier they have erected but remain inside their temporal shelters(Nakonde and Isoka) and for Mafinga(Thendele) they remain inside the police station so that drivers mostly public transporters take money to them.

If the driver goes inside and delays it means the money given to them is too little maybe like K20 unless K50 and above.

This offering has to be done when going and their way back, the police bosses(in-charge) pretend not to be aware of this because they always have a lion’s share even provincial ministers I suspect pretend not to know this .

I challenge all the police in-charge, ACC and Provincial minister to prove me wrong on this one because its becoming the order of the day as if they do not get paid and one seems to care.


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