Corruption by traffic police

1On Saturday 12th April 2014,  I was driving from the Kitwe to Ndola to attend a funeral and on my was pulled off Mpala Avenue pick up my brother suddenly an highway patrol police car parked next to mine and the one officer come out and tried to pull the car keys from the ignition through the open window.  I pushed his hand out and come out of my vehicle and asked the two officers what was wrong and one off them told me that I was not supposed to pick up a passages at a point which is not a bus station. I answered back by telling him that my car was a private Vehicle and so I was at liberty to stop anywhere as long as it is off the road mine road asked the officers what offense that was and one of the answered that” I was being charged for pirating “.

He started suggesting that we talk “requesting for a bribe “of which i refused and requested that we go to the police station where I was going to pay that fine but the officers refused one of them become physical squeezing my hand so that he could get the car keys in the process of that had my shirt torn and some buttons after failing with that attempt he rushed to the passenger’s side and grabbed the road and fitness discs from the windscreen went to his to the high patrol car and sped off .
I decided to go to Central police and report my case as well as get my discs back ,upon reaching there i found one Traffic officer who was very helpful by identifying the said officers ,he referred me to some inspector Mubanga as being the one in charge of the Wusakeli Traffic Department He give me his mobile number which i called and spoke to the said in-charge whom i thought would be helpful by coming to the police station so he can listen my complaint but he referred me to the some junior traffic offer a Constable Bwalya who had earlier grabbed my disc.

From central Police I now proceeded to Wusakile Police where I found the officer who had grabbed the Discs from my vehicle I now called Inspector Mubanga the in-charge and give the phone to constable Bwayla to my surprise after the Charger now changed from Picking up Passengers from the roadside to now Obstructing Traffic of which I refused to pay the fine which was K570 then later reduced to K270 and eventually to K180 of which i paid the fine simply because i needed to have my discs released so that i can travel for the funeral that i was going to. Surely is there any traffic law that prohibits one from parking off the road and picking up a passenger in their private car.?

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