Corruption cartels involving first family being protected

The corruption fights has continued to be selective as members of the first family remain untouched. Former CEEC Director General who is also president Michael Sata’s niece, Mable Mungomba was allegedly corruptly awarded a tender to supply consumables to ZESCO towards the 2011 General and Presidential elections.

Sources said, immediately she was paid into her account she transferred, through electronic RTGS, K45 million (KR45,000) into Monica Chisela’s account as gratification for assisting in  acquiring the tender.

Ms. Chisela was fired from Zesco as Head of Public relations and a docket to prosecute Ms. Mungomba was opened by the Rupiah Banda administration but when the PF party she sponsored won elections State House stopped the process, like they did with others cases such as those of former Ministry of Health Human resources manager, Henry Kapoko which DPP Mutembo Nchito deliberately lost and is not interested to appeal.

Sources said her elder sister Nkandu Luo was even black mailed into rescinding her decision to resign from cabinet late last year to join the UN on the basis that her sibling will be protected.

TIZ Executive Director Goodwell Lungu has been using this case among the donor community to lobby for funding to fight the scourge of corruption which he says is not slowing down.

Further, the first family has in the short period it has been in power corruptly acquired lucrative contracts such as collection of garbage through out the city contrary to the standing rule that a company can not operate in more than two residential areas.

Through the President’s nephew Chanda Kasolo’s Zoomlion Limited (ZTL) Wastage Management Experts have now monopolised the collection of garbage in Lusaka and have been distributing free blue dustbins using resources from the Lusaka City Council.

Chanda Kasolo is brother to Anthony Kasolo, who are nephews to the president.

Sources also say, the first family is also linked to the shortage of oxygen to the University Teaching Hospital.

The truth behind the shortage of oxygen is that the company owned by a businessman of Asian origin who has been running the company supplying oxygen since Zamoxy was privatised has not been paid the last six months. Consequently he has been unable to import molecule granules the key ingredients in making of oxygen.

Sources said the idea is to frustrate him so that he quits and the tender should be given to the first family who have been supplying oxygen to the Pediatric Section at UTH from the time PF came into power.

The tender at the Pediatric Section was given without following the laid down tender procedures.

While the Watchdog has information on the ‘big fish’ behind this scam, it is up to the members of the public and investigative wings, perhaps after clearance from the president, to find out who is currently supplying oxygen to the Pediatric section.

Recently Dr. Francis Manda challenged the PF government to tell the truth on the shortage of oxygen to UTH.


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