Corruption details against minister Kalaba emerge

“But there are on-going corruption investigations against him over his corrupt role relating to the recognition of Rwanda, Morocco and recently Kosovo,” the Watchdog understands.

The battle lines are drawn.

Over the last year, foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba has been subtle and careful in his criticism of Edgar Lungu, State House his aides and his government.

He has used his Facebook page to throw these silent jabs.

But in his New Year’s Day message, Kalaba removed his boxing gloves and called 2017 the worst year for the ruling party, the Patriotic Front(PF).

He also expressed disgust at the rise in corruption (not allegations) at State House and government.

He also stated that he will join forces with those in government and outside engaged in a crusade against corruption in the country.

Kalaba has become an instant hero on social media for “speaking out against the evils of corruption”!

But those close to the internal political battles say Kalaba is simply readying himself for a presidential challenge and contest against President Edgar Lungu.

They have also stated that Kalaba was not pleased that President Lungu has developed close association with Pambashe Constituency MP and Minister of Housing, Ronald Chitotela and Mansa MP and Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya as he regards himself as the legitimate custodian of Luapula political interests.

And many close to government have dismissed the holy pontification that Kalaba has presented saying the corruption investigations against him have reached an advanced stage.

But of serious matter could be the detailed corruption investigations against Harry Kalaba over his push for Diplomatic recognition of Rwanda, Morocco and recently Kosovo.

He is alleged to have pocketed millions of dollars from these nations.

Recently the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was also investigating Harry Kalaba over the Kosovo affair.

He is accused of hosting the visiting Prime Minister from Kosovo without the knowledge of State House and government and allegedly received millions of dollars from Kosovo as a bribe for recognition without the knowledge of the government.

Kalaba who hosted the Prime Minister and accommodated him at Hotel Intercontinental for two weeks, allegedly did this without the express permission of President Edgar Lungu.

An official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Kalaba sent his Indian friend based in Lusaka to collect the money from the Prime Minister which has used to buy 10 Nissan Navaras.

“Even now as you go to his Indian friend, there are 10 Nissan Navaras packed there. Kalaba wants to be using them for his Presidential campaigns. He is more than ready to participate in the 2021 general elections having made enough cash now. He also received cash from China Henan in 2015 unfortunately he didn’t contest”.

And Kalaba’s private company called Galmar Construction company is doing subcontracts on the Mansa township roads.

But Kalaba appears many steps ahead of his detractors.

His apparent statement to condemn corruption is designed to present himself as crusader against corruption and was being victimized when his own corruption allegations surface.

Zambians are watching the Development.

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