Corruption during adoption haunts PF

Corruption during adoption haunts PF

Katele, Kasolo Take Over PF Campaigns

Former MMD finance Katele Kalumba and former information PS Chanda Kasolo have taken over the PF campaigns in Eastern Province following dwindling popularity by the ruling party.

Katele, who is now in Chipata, will spearhead the campaigns in the Province after the PF realised that some Easterners in PF were doing double standards with the opposition.

“Katele has been moved from Luapula to Chipata to take over the campaigns. He is being assisted by Chanda Kasolo,” the PF source said.

The current campaign manager Vincent Mwale is not trusted as he is still bitter after losing the adoptions in Chipangali.

Kasolo has also been made campaign manager for Chipata Central PF Candidate Amon Jere to the annoyance of local people.

“Amon Jere is trailing at number 4. The battle here is between independent Zindaba Soko and UPND candidate Mtolo Phiri,” the source aside, adding that Kasolo involvement has further weakened PF.

And most seats in the province are likely to go independent and that has caused more troubles for the party and Katele Kalumba team.

“For example, in Lumezi, the seat will go to either UPND or independent. The same with Chadiza where the PF picked,

Imposed a Ngoni Jonathan Daka to stand in a Chewa constituency. So independent Dr Phiri and UPND candidate ate leading ,” the source said.

In Petauke, the seat is likely to go to independent JayJay Banda against Dora Siliya.

The entire Eastern province has 14 independent candidates who branched out of the PF in protest of the selling of the adoption certificates by the Secretary General Davies Mwila and his team.

Candidates were required to make down payment of 500,000 to SG Mwila and later pay the balance of 500,000 after adoption.

But Mwila claims that he shared this money with people senior to him.

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