Corruption getting worse in Zambia – Transparency International

Corruption getting worse in Zambia  – Transparency International

TRANSPARENCY International Zambia says according to the global corruption barometer, Zambia is getting worse in terms of being corrupt.

Speaking at an Oasis Forum-organised public discussion, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) executive director Wesley Chibamba said a look at the trends analysis in line with the corruption situation in the country, Zambia was getting worse.

He also noted that the evidence to Zambia’s worsening corruption situation was found, among others, in the Auditor General’s reports and global corruption barometer.

“The information I am going to give you is in public domain; some of it was generated by government agencies [and] some of it was generated by credible independent organisations. When you do trends analysis of where we are in terms of the corruption situation in Zambia, the truth is we are getting worse than getting better and there is evidence to that effect. That evidence is found in the Auditor General’s report that we have seen this year and I am referring to all – the one that is dealing with the institutional audit, the 2016 audit report and the Auditor General’s report on parastatals and I am also speaking to the Auditor General’s report on local authority. When you look at the information that was contained, you look at the amount of public resources that we are losing as contained in those reports…the situation is worrying,” Chibamba lamented.

“Instead of improving in terms of public resource management, we are not doing any better and that’s what the reports are showing and these are documents that are produced by government agencies. When you look at the global corruption barometer, which is produced by Transparency International, the global corruption barometer 2017 indicates that 20 per cent of Zambians are likely to encounter a corruption situation when they go to seek a public service at the public institution. Mind you, 20 per cent of 16 million Zambians might look like a small number but in this population that we have, with the children that do not go by themselves to seek these services…So, we are thinking about the adult population, 20 per cent of the entire population is likely to face a corruption situation. We were ranked 87 [but] we slipped to 96 global ranking and even in the region, we slipped three places to be number at 15 when we were at number 12. The situation is not getting any better.”

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