Corruption hits Vubwi govt offices

Corruption hits Vubwi govt offices


Vubwi town council had advertised job opportunities last year in September 2018.

This encouraged the local youths of vubwi to apply for positions of council bus drivers,office assistants and council police officers.During shortlisting of candidates,the corrupt and immoral council secretary Mr Francis Ng’omba brought in a number of names of youths believed to be his relations and girlfriends from Lusaka and chipata to fixed on the shortlisted applicants.It is also believed that this pf vubwi council secretary has been receiving bribes from poor people in order to give jobs to their children.

The pf council secretary called for interviews for council police officers for formality just to blindfold poor vubwi residents when he knew that he will not agree with the selection done by the committee since he already had a secret list of people who gave him bribes.

As at now,all youths in vubwi are shocked with what is happening to their applications at the council.Some individuals had taken courage to remind the cs over the shortlisted applicants but that has proved futile. People in vubwi are living a sad life as their children are denied jobs even when they have good grade twelve certificates due to high levels of corruption.We are requesting the government to investigate the shortlisted applicants immediately.


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