Corruption, illegal allocation of land on sewer pipes in Mindolo

Dear Editor,

My heart bleeds as I type this letter to you.

It is now more evident that this Kolopa dot com is real! One Kitwe Councillor by the name of Mr Charles Bweembya has gone agog in allocating plots using a highly concocted cartel that needs to be exposed to the President and the entire nation before we lose innocent lives.

There has been talk going around, about plots that have been allocated right on top of a main sewer pipe, in 1st Street, Miseshi-Mindolo, Kitwe(Miseshi-Ward), Through your effective media may you kindly publish this subject matter. I am aware that concerned residents reported to Nkana Water and Sewrage Company(NWSC) and their Engineers have been to site. They have even asked the developers to halt any further works.

The question that arises is whether these plots are legally recognised? A Kitwe City Council grader was used to clear the land which includes one of his numerous allocations. People that have been allocated these plots are believed to have paid large sums of Kwacha. A group of Jerabos are the ones that are believed to have been given the ones right over the Main Sewer Pipe and they are rudely parking their posh cars in the area in an intimidatory fashion.

You can verify this information from the Public Relations Dept at the utility company.

Anti-Corruption needs to be implored to investigate this matter before these rogues erect their structures on suspected illegally allocated plots. The council officials behind this stinking conduct need to be exposed as well.

For any further details please contact me without delay.



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