Corruption in award of HIV contracts in RDA


The RDA included components of road safety and HIV & AIDS service provisions as part of the road rehabilitation projects. Companies which are awarded road rehabilitation contracts are required to sub-grant service organizations to sensitize the communities along the stretch on road safety and provide HIV & AIDS services such as awareness raising, counseling and testing.

Many NGOs with capacity and physical presence along the project sites have been applying to contractors to be considered as sub-grantees. However, there is so much corruption in the award of these contracts by some selfish employees of these construction companies and compromised heads of some NGOs. Last year, many NGOs applied to Mota Engil which was contracted to rehabilitate some stretches of the great east road to be considered for the provision of HIV & AIDS services but the site agent instead asked for 20% of the contract sum in order to be considered. Being organizations of integrity and transparency, many refused to be compromised and were not considered. The contract was instead awarded to SWAAZ because they were easily compromised. This same organization does not even have the capacity and structures on the ground as compared to the many organizations lead by women and men of integrity that had applied and turned down.

This compromises the quality of work and one wonders what lies have been reported to cover up for the 20% of the contract sum which was given out as an inducement. One may also wonder whether the organization has a credible, functioning board looking at the quality and caliber of their appointed Director who can so easily be compromised, denting the image of noble NGOs working so hard to uplift the welfare of vulnerable groups in society.


Can donor funds surely be safe………??????

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