Corruption in awarding car hire contracts for CSCSA Zone 6 under 20 games

Hon minster of youth and sports Chishimba Kambwili allow me express my utmost displeasure in the manner the hiring of vehicles are being done for the above subject matter.

Over 10 car hires were short listed to tender for car hire services and after a short listing of 10-15 car hire companies and were supposed to each get at least 6 slots comprising of either saloon cars,4×4 and bus’s.

Now what is happening is that some committee members have personal interest in the allocations and have put their companies, girlfriends companies and certain companies who have more slots than others.

The committee has to be investigated as in how many cars does one company have and if at all they have more than awarded number to all as in 6 vehicles per car hire.

It’s obvious that the answer they will give is other companies filed to get the cars. But the truth is other companies are as able like other car hires that have more slots to deliver and I challenger them to come out like otherwise.

How can CR holding come with more than 4 buses, who brought them, Chembe  buses,Red bomber ,Mwiche Buses they are more than 15 big Macopolo buses of which some of them are an embarrassment in terms of looks and conditions.

They are some Higer 35 seater buses but less than 70 seater and they are on the same category as 70 seater buses sports is going to pay K 6,000.000.00 per bus.

Certain companies were told that inspection of big buses will be done at intercity terminus at 14hrs by the time they got there they the inspectors were there 2hrs earlier and only inspected Chembe buses.

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