Corruption in land, the case of Chisankane Zone 10 Community

Dear Editor,
The Chisankane Zone 10 Community, the owners of the Land laying between Lilayi and State Lodge is beseiged by Indian Fraudsters who have managed to deceive top brass leaders in the Ministry of mines, Home Affairs and the Justice Ministry in Zambia.

One wonders how One Vinold Yadullah of Vikram Invwestments Ltd Can Claim ownership of Land while holding an EXPIRED PROSPECTING LICENCE No. 16703 HQ-LPL because he did not obtain CONSENT three months after obtaining the said Licence from the relevant authorities, he needed to get the local authorities’ consent who in this case is Her Royal Highness, Chieftainess.
The Minister of Mines is on record to have promised to have this and other 9 Large Scale Prospecting Licences held by the same Company cancelled because the were fraudulantly obtained; but to this day, inspite of the evidence presented to the minister’s office none of these licences have been revoked.

The Chisankane Zone 10 community reported the fradulant activties Vikram Investments Ltd and particularlly Vinold Yadullah are doing but no action from the law enforcing officers is being done.

This guy (Vinold) lied on oath in the High Court of Zambia that he is Zambian twice in May  and June 2013 and in October 2013 He swore he is Indian. The Courts of Law have since not reprimanded him. He has the audacitiy to fabricate clandastine storys to both the authorities that be and the general public as well.

One wonders what is happening in Zambia with a President who is allegic to corruption what will happen if we continue at the rate at which we are moving in this country.

Why would one so called Investor ignore the Rule of Law while other are Law abiding citizens continue to be victimised?

It is sad to notice the levels of ignorance being displayed by the so called office bearers and some journalists who cannot tell the difference between a Large  Scale Prospecting Licence Rights, Surface Rights and Mining Licence.

The Ministry of mines in Zambia now has taken over the issuance of Land as opposed to the Lands’ Ministry, this makes a sad reading to any well meaning Zambian.

Yours concerned citizens

Chisankene Zone 10, Lusaka, Zambia

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