Corruption in PF regime worthy investigating – Tutwa

Corruption in PF regime worthy investigating – Tutwa

Another PF MP says corruption in Edgar Lungu’s regime is worthy investigating.

Tutwa Ngulube also the Mukula tree scandals, which involves Lungu, can be cleared if people are allowed free speech. He also accuses PF leadership of sidelining senior and hardworking PF members.

He writes:



There has been speculation and social media news that Hon. Minister of foreign affairs Hon. Harry Kalaba has resigned from cabinet. I will proceed as though the article over the resignation is true.

Article 116 ( 3)of the Republican constitution in part provides as follows:

“The office of Minister becomes vacant if—

(a) the Minister is removed from office by the President;

(b) the Minister resigns, by notice in writing to the President;

(c) in the case of a nominated Member of Parliament, the
nomination is revoked”

The implication is that when a minister gives written notice to the president, the office becomes vacant.

If Hon. Kalaba has resigned in writing the constitutional requirements have been satisfied and the office fall vacant. There is nothing illegal about the resignation as it is in the wishes of the individual minister to either resign or wait until he is fired by the president.

Politically, the resignation means that there is something worth investigating in the manner the allegations of corruption against our party are being levelled.

Hon. Kalaba becomes the first minister to resign from a sitting government in 23 years. The only other minister that resigned was vice president Levy Mwanawasa who resigned as vice president.

The resignation comes amidst calls by KBF a senior lawyer with whom we fought legal battles to push president Edgar Lungu to the position of PF president in December 2014, for an indaba in the PF.

The resignation of Hon. Kalaba is an eye opener that we need to do more to preserve the integrity of our party.

The inclusion of and the sidelining of Senior and hardworking members of the party in the affairs of the nation has raised serious complaints from the people.

The alleged mukula scandals and the suspected corruption cases can only be cleared if people are allowed free speech.

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