Corruption in police force should be eliminated

Corruption in police force should be eliminated


The Zambian police service became the most corrupt institution in Zambia in the MMD govt not only being corrupt but also the worst thieves in Zambia
As people say the fish starts getting rotten from the head even in Zambia police started getting rotten from the head. The corruption and stealing started from the inspector general of police to the Commanding officers and later to the officer in charger’s
May I start with the Inspector General of Police. What the Inspector Generals of Police were doing is that each time the Police is funded they would originate messages to Division headquarters and Division Headquarters to stations requesting officers to claim their allowances. All claims from Division Headquarters were being sent to Service Headquarters and when the payments were made some money was being sent to Division Headquarters and other claims were being paid to Service Headquarters. The accounts section would prepare lists which were being signed at the gates of Service Headquarters by officers entering the Service Headquarters through those gates. When the lists were fully signed they were being handed over to the accounts section which would withdraw the money and hand it over to the Inspector General of Police. The officers who made the claims would wait for their money to no avail. This system had gone on for a long time
The Commanding Officers who received the money for their Officers in their Division Headquarters also we’re doing the same. Finally, no police officer was paid his or her allowance because of this system
Anyone interested to follow up this issue may start with my file No.6476 payment allowances in my file is more than 300,000.00 with 259,000.00 that was paid to me in July 2011 as payment to the 729,000.00 claimed through my former lawyer was the biggest amount

Some Officer in charges also learnt from their bosses. An officer in charge by the name of Mr. Edgar Nkhowane who took over office in April 2013 at Kabompo Police Station has his share in the corruption and stealing. Mr Nkhowane instructed the station Inspector and the Administration officer to be collecting money from the officers to buy him a crate of soft drinks and a case box of biscuits per week and k50 airtime per week, this was contrary to Police Instructions which provides that a senior police officer shall not at no time get credity from a junior officer or ask a junior officer to buy him something from the junior officer’s money. Mr Nkhowane sold 4 police uniform skirts to 4 Women constables at k45 each, he sold one occurrence book and one arrested people’s property book to the officer in charge of manyinga police station at k120 each. Later, Mr Nkhowane did the worst thing in the history of Zambia police by instructing officers both manyinga and kabompo police stations to contribute k500 for an annual ball at Kabompo which was held in December 2013. Officers at the service Headquarters and Division Headquarters were and are still the only institutions where the annual balls are lawful and contributions are k100 each and that were and are voluntary. These balls went on until 2015 where as the k500 was increased to k750
These are the issues His Excellence, the President that should be attended to. I’m kindly asking for the recovery of my k250,000.00 which Mr. Kakoma Kanganji has failed to recover. I wrote to him but since he is in the same system, nothing was done
May the Almighty God bless you and give you the long life to rile Zambia.

I’m challenging Police men who had signed for other officers money at the gates to state if such things have never happened at Service Headquarters
CONTACT No.0967147860

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