Corruption in Zambia should be treated as crime against humanity

Corruption in Zambia should be treated as crime against humanity

This Edgar Lungu’s assets and all those that are concentrated in the corrupt PF leaders shall be taken away and redistributed to Zambian public service workers as part of the housing empowerment and some converted into hospitals and universities/colleges.

PF corruption is pathetic and stinks.I fail to understand why few remaining Zambians under PF cant see this.Zambians including PF cadres/youths and sympathizers are in deepened poverty because of these corrupt pf leaders stealing on industrial scale.”Uboomba mwibala alya mwibala” as their slogan and someone with 5 senses without a job and food still goes on the street shouting “Lungu!Lungu!”.Have you been bewitched or its insanity . Whats wrong with you fellow youths.PF has no plans for you but to use you as cadres on the streets and fight those with divergent views.Youths under Edgar have been reduced to trash.Look at your fellow PF youths who impounded the tracks transporting Mukula tree belong to Edgar Lungu,Kaizer zulu,Kampyongo,Jean Kapata and others.Where are they today? Locked up battling in cells! Thats the leadership you are supporting to continue stealing in office.

Its time Zambia treated corruption as a crime against humanity and the punishment should be death sentence and life imprisonment.How many people have died because pf leaders have channelled funds meant to buy medicines and health related equipment at UTH,Ndola central,Kitwe general,Livingstone G. hospital chipata and other clinics.How many people have died because the money borrowed to improving the roads has been channelled into Edgars pockets.Just yesterday l saw a bus belong to Jordan involved in a fatal accident where 4 people died on the spot leaving others on life serving machines with others was a sad scene to watch l must say.Sadly,Zambians dont know how to connect issues of governance.We sound to know things when infact not and PF governant has taken advantge of our ignorance (Ubututu). Its the primary responsibility of any government to ensure good road network is provided and road safety measures enhanced and adhered to by all motorists.Alot of us have lost relatives from accidents that if we had a sound leadership would have been avoided.
How many people have died of cholera because someone pocketed the money meant to collect the lusaka town gabbages and improve drainage/water system in the country.
Fellow youths we can do better and define our destine and that of our kids and grandkids.lets stop politicking even whst should be taken seriously.l know we are all smart and can be a force to our own destine.Time is now.
Kallabby Kalabadia
From the terraces.


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    UN DIplomat(R) 2 weeks ago

    My last paragraph meant that I am sick need by the overwhelming wickedness in gender inferiority complex challenged men and their underachieved women , in Zamnia. They must face justice. I cannot give them impunity for enjoying discounts they are not qualified to. I didn’t go to work for the UN to enrich commoners or entice scamsters to abuse state machinery in stealing my belongings and extorting from me through vexatious suits they manufacture and took before their relatives. It’s not only unfair,mbut it constitutes crimes against humanity for which they must face an international criminal tribunal.

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    UN DIplomat(R) 2 weeks ago

    I have been calling so loudly, that the Dialogue parties should agree to convene an international justice mechanism to probe crimes against humanity in Zambia and I urge the Commonwealth Sexretariate to Ask his Envoy, who is a former UN under Secretary General, to look into these demands and discuss them with the parties. Both sides have cadres who allegedly committed crimes against humanity. As a former Crimes Against Humanity Investigator at the UN myself, and a victim of such crimes in Zambia upon my return. Makebi Zulu and his Advocates , AKMmLegal Prctitioners, Gilbert Phiri and their accomplices,IG Kakoma Kanganja, Nelson Phiri , Elizabeth Mutale Mbewe Ndnothers committed crimes against humanity on me and my children, and probably a lot other Zambians. This has to be inquired to and They can only be effectively criminally prosecuted by an international justice mechanism because they broke customary international law. They inhumanely degraded a UN Diplomat(R), to their levels in abuse of the court process and state machinery. No one has the right to give them impunity. They cannot entice themselves with anDiolomat’s livelihood and benefit entitlements no abuse state machinery to satisfy their gender inferiority complex. Such arrogance and sexual crimes are international crimes. I worked diligently for the Zambia Police and progressed to the UN. And they suffered gender complex and sexually abused under achieved women and killed my daughter, and pillaged me through their friends no relatives in the Judiciary.

    I appeal to the UN Security Council and the UN SG to lease with the Comminwealth Envoy and the parties to the dialogue to convene such sought Inyernational Criminal Tribunal for Zambia. Ther is overwhelming evidence of crimes humanity here,mandnI am one of the victims. In a wides spread and systematic attack on the Zambian population,milk it money laundering fronts have been used to expropriate property from unsuspecting Zambians,, inflicting them with malicious poverty ruin and Assasination attempt, and they ought to face justice, by competence independent tribunals.

    Those that racially and sexually induced 3 Zambian UN staff members to fuel the pillaging on me must also account. No one must get away with impunity on this.

    Other Zambians have their own stories to tell and Both HH and ECL must be told to tell their Gilbert Phiri and Makebi Zulu, that it constitutes violation of International law, to pillage me, a UN Diplomat(R) in abuse of state machinery and their acts carry an expectation of life in jail. I want my things and my money back, paid appropriately and proprtionate to the ruin and damage,, and this shield be witnessed the the entire universe. I didn’t go to thenUn for morons in the legal framework in Zamnia to play and entice themselves with my belongings. In the international realm there are protocols and procedures to follow and sanctions for failing to adhere to such Diplomatic etiquette are mandatory..

    I am wicked by the overwhelming wickedness in these gender inferiority challenged Zambian men and their under achieved women and I call on all UN member states to question Zambia about it at the forth coming UN General Assembly. So embarrassing and deplorable.

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    this is what politics is all about today its you saying what so ever what you saying condemning those that are at the position you want somebody else to be cause you his the right person minus you knowing what runs though is mind find a better way of persuading people to on your side rather than thinking your review s and your thoughts are the only right ones#peopleofzambia are not fools they make sure to do what’s right for them.